NOOR TRADE HOUSE (NTH) is the pioneer food importer & distributor in Bangladesh market. NTH is a firmly established player in the imported food distribution business having been around since 2007.We are specialised in the distribution of temperature controlled & value-added international brands of high quality dairy & cheese, meat & fish, Sea foods, Dilmah Tea, McCain french fries, Rani-juice, pastry & bakery, dry & kitchen items and ethnic food products.
As a leading importer & distributor of premium food products in Bangladesh,our objective is to satisfy the requirements of all our customers which includes door to door/Home delivery, major full service Hotel & Resorts, all quick service restaurants & restaurant chains, institutions, caterers, manufacturers, traders and modern trade accounts. Our products are distributed out from the NTH’s central distribution warehouse located in Kuril,Dhaka as well as from our branches around Bangladesh to ensure timely & quality deliveries.